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To BECOME A MEMBER, please visit Slow Food Canada @

Are you keen to enjoy the food you eat, & know where it came from? Join us! We want to share good food w/ good people. Join Slow Food Thompson-Okanagan today. By joining at the local convivia level, you are automatically part of Slow Food Canada, and Slow Food worldwide.

Different levels of Membership include:

SUSTAINER membership sustains with a part of its fee biodiversity, educational and other Slow Food projects all over the world.

YOUNG membership is available for members under 30 years old.

COUPLE option is available in combination with Individual, Sustainer or Young membership.

Members who choose the GREEN option will receive all the material (except the membership card) in electronic format. This membership is not for the option of costing less and has the same membership fee; it is rather the choice to safeguard the environment by receiving materials electronically.


Becoming a Slow Food member not only supports the movement but also acknowledges the social and environmental importance of the association’s projects and initiatives: the promotion of education, the defense of biodiversity, and activities to create stronger links between producers and consumers all around the world.

Joining Slow Food entitles members to:

  • A personal membership card
  • Electronic Slow Food Almanac (once a year)
  • Monthly electronic Newsletter
  • Slow Food Companion(just for new members)
  • National newsletter (where available)
  • The opportunity to take part in initiatives organized by the association around the world
  • Discounts on Slow Food publications and merchandise.

Sustainer membership entitles members to:

  • All benefits listed above, plus a yearly electronic newsletter reporting on biodiversity, education and other Slow Food projects and activities.

Young membership entitles members to:

  • All benefits listed above.

Couple option entitles members to:

  • A personal membership card
  • All the other benefits and rights of membership
  • Family member (the second member of a couple) does not receive the Slow Food Companion, Slow Food Almanac, or other publications.